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Eyewitness Archives

"I wish I had listened to my grandfather's stories". "Did you write down all those wonderful experiences?"
"I hope you checked through your parents' papers in the attic."

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Eyewitness Stories

Title Summary Subject Where Year Author
Jazz and Eel Pie Island The story of Eel Pie Island and the jazz played there Every Day Life England 1954-1971 John Platt
Bombay during the Raj Early Life in Bombay in the Days of the Raj Every Day Life India 1943 Makis Aperghis
Basic RAF Training Life for National Servicemen during RAF initial Training at Padgate Military England 1951 Alan Douglas
Letters from the First World War Detailed account of training and the tank corps in WW1 but not on the front line. Military Europe 1917-1919 Hugh Douglas
Trekking in Kashmir Idiosyncratic advice for trekking in Kashmir in the days of the Raj Travel World Wide 1945 Graham Morris
Home movie of the Berlin Airlift Movie taken by Reggie Langtry who flew a BSAA Tudor in the Berlin Airlift Aviation Germany 1948-1949 Reggie Langtry
Recollections of the First World War Detailed description of military service throughout WW1 Military France 1914-1918 Bertie Badenoch
British Atom Bomb Tests at Christmas Island How the author came to be on Christmas Island for the British Atom Bomb tests and his experiences there Military Pacific 1957 Robin Wallace-Sims
Letter from Canada Description of life as an emigrant farmer and of the rebellion on 1847 Every Day Life North America 1838 James Cooper
Proving Flight from London to Melbourne An Atalanta aircraft with a range of only 600 miles surveys the route to Australia. Extracts from the official reports and photos Aviation World Wide 1933 C F Griffiths
Holiday in Egypt A young lady's tour to Egypt with friends and a chaperone. Travel Egypt 1881-82 Edith Garnett
Starting a farm in the Australian bush The hardships and challenges of life in the Australian bush. Every Day Life Australia 1838-1842 Unknown
Escape from Spanish Armada Shipwreck Captain Cuellar was shipwrecked in Ireland and survived extraordinary hardships and lucky escapes Travel Ireland 1588-1589 Captain Cuellar
Early Life in Australia An early settler whose father emigrated to Tasmania and later moved to Melbourne Every Day Life Australia 1825-1887 Jane Mouritz
Officer Cadet Training Training in the army for a National Service Officer Cadet at Eaton Hall Military England 1951 Ian Johnson
Chorister in Wartime Life as a chorister at Durham Cathedral Every Day Life England 1943-1947 Alan Douglas
An Outing on a Paddle Steamer A day trip on the paddle steamer Royal Eagle from Southend Travel England 1934 Gordon Lee
Radio Servicing A technical story about old radios and fixing them - from crystal sets onwards. Industry England 1937-1953 Dave May
Touring Scotland A tour by steam train, paddle steamer and horse drawn carriage round western Scotland Travel Scotland 1896 Elizabeth Roe
Career as a Royal Navy Engineer Life as an engineer in the royal navy, before during and after world war 2. People, the conditions and machinery. Military World Wide 1930-1956 Robert Wallace-Sims
Engineering Apprenticeship The background to railway engineering at Eastleigh and life as a railway engineering apprentice there Industry England 1924-1930 Robert Wallace-Sims
Sicily Landing Timed account from 9th to 11th July from a sailor of the landing in Sicily Military Italy 1943 Unknown
Friday 13th Later stages of a test flight in a Canberra bomber that went badly wrong Aviation England 1965 John Harper
Railway Building in China A photographic account of railway building on the Peking to Mukden Railway. The engineering, people involved and pictures of their life and surroundings Industry China 1920-1926 Arthur Douglas
Cartoons from the Trenches Cartoons and a photo from the first world war. From the album of a captain in the Royal Engineers Military France 1917 Arthur Douglas
Childhood in Crewe Early memories of day to day life growing up in Crewe Every Day Life England 1911 Marjorie Potter
Battle of Jutland A detailed record of the battle by a signalman on board HMS Engladine Military North Sea 1916 H Y Ganderton
St Catherine's Monastery Travelling by sea and camel from Suez to St Catherine's monastery and Mount Sinai Travel Egypt 1925 C A Harper
Airline Baggage Security Complications the first time that a baggage security check was done in Jeddah Aviation Saudi Arabia 1970 Alan Douglas
Emma Diary Extracts from a letter that became a delightfully illustrated diary of a young spinster's stay in Tenby Every Day Life Wales 1873 Lucy Amelia Lawford