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"I wish I had listened to my grandfather's stories". "Did you write down all those wonderful experiences?"
"I hope you checked through your parents' papers in the attic."

It's trite to say that history is being made all the time; but it's also being lost all the time as people's experiences die with them. To be interesting to later generations experiences don't have to be dramatic, historic or in outlandish places. Even day to day events in the past have their interest because the environment in which they took place has disappeared. This website is devoted to preserving those first-hand accounts which could so easily be lost. Like antiques, their value may not be apparent until later. This site is new and will hopefully benefit from many more contributions. Do help us to grow if you can add any records of first hand experiences.

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Title Summary Subject Where Year Author
Basic RAF Training Life for National Servicemen during RAF initial Training at Padgate Military England 1951 Alan Douglas
Letters from the First World War Detailed account of training and the tank corps in WW1 but not on the front line. Military Europe 1917-1919 Hugh Douglas
Trekking in Kashmir Idiosyncratic advice for trekking in Kashmir in the days of the Raj Travel World Wide 1945 Graham Morris
Home movie of the Berlin Airlift Movie taken by Reggie Langtry who flew a BSAA Tudor in the Berlin Airlift Aviation Germany 1948-1949 Reggie Langtry
Recollections of the First World War Detailed description of military service throughout WW1 Military France 1914-1918 Bertie Badenoch

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